Special information

Welcome to the FUTURE. Here you will find the most important information about the project.


Mint the first NFT for FREE price. The price of each subsequent 0.0099 ETH


1111 unique art with musical accompaniment from an alternative FUTURE.


Mint date/time: 15/12/2022 | 19:00 UTC. See you at the mint day on our website.


Vivian's artificial intelligence allows us to show the FUTURE that awaits us. Soon it will be possible to communicate.


Artificial intelligence generates unique art with musical accompaniment. Collection shows one of the possible variant of FUTURE.


–°yber power is the only source of power. Humanity is on the brink of survival. Find yourself in the FUTURE.


Congratulations, you are in the FUTURE list. Stay tuned, we'll drop a mint link around 15 DECEMBER 2022 19:00 UTC.
Unfortunately, you are not in the FUTURE list. That's no reason to be upset you always can try to get your whitelist spot in Twitter/Discord. Also, you should participate in the public mint 15 DECEMBER 2022 19:00 UTC.


The FUTURE in which all boundaries have been erased, people have gained full access to various technologies. People began to chaotically augment their bodies with cyber devices, all for the sake of gaining power and incredible strength. The cyberization of the body became an obsession. Pretty quickly, chaos reigned, and cities began to descend into total lawlessness.

In the FUTURE, cyber power is the only source of power. People are willing to give up everything for new refinements. Its use is extremely diverse: some rob for profit, and some protect those who can not defend themselves. Humanity is on the brink of survival. Find yourself in the FUTURE.